To Usa Large Parrot Macaw Canary Finch Breeding Bird Cage Black B62x

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This cage will be sent from Local America directly,and usually it will take 5-7 days to arrive.

Because we have warehouse in United States.


BMWPET range of cages are all painted in non toxic materials,which is safety, to ensure all birds are safe.The powder coating creates a long lasting and safe environment for parrots and birds.


1.Size:45*45*140cm, Bar Spacing:1.58cm

2.Package: 4 stainless steel Feeder cups, 2 Large Wood Perches,2 feeder door,1Front Door,

Pull Out Metal Tray

3.Color:Black Vein
4.Suitable for canaries, parakeets,cockatiels and finches etc.

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