Rattan Nesting Bird Nest Props Home Decoration Natural Handmade

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Product Details
DIY decoration, shooting props, Zakka decoration, can be a bird’s home, give your beloved pigeon or bird a warm and quiet home.
It can be used for home decoration, even for bars and cafes, as well as for children’s full-moon or 100-day photography props, and studio photography props.
It can be used for DIY micro-landscape, wedding ring and wedding gift box, sugar box.
Name: Natural Handmade Easter Bird’s Nest
Specification: 6cm outer diameter 4cm inner diameter height 3cm
8 cm outer diameter 6 cm inner diameter height 3.5 cm
10 cm outer diameter 8 cm inner diameter height 4 cm
12 cm outer diameter 10 cm inner diameter height 5 cm
15 cm outer diameter 12 cm inner diameter height 6 cm
Material: foam, poly dragon.
Dimension: Whole height 2.5CM, maximum diameter 2CM, Whole length 12CM
Size: 6cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm
Colour: Coffee
Packing Content:
1 X Natural Handmade Easter Bird’s Nest


Item Specifics
 Bird's Nest
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