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Product Details
Bullet Points:
1?Size: Strap width 0.8cm, length about 2 meters, color: random.
2?Safety: Easy to wear without causing skin irritation or feather damage. For better care, the length is designed to be 2 meters, both of which provide outdoor sports for your friends and keep you at an appropriate distance.
3?The 8-shaped strap is easy to wear and easy to remove. It is an indispensable item for ostriches and parties. Let your cute birds fly outside to enjoy nature.
4?A small hook is designed at the handle to be easily buckled anywhere to prevent the bird from jailbreaking. This is also a necessary traction device for other small animals to go out.
5?Material: Strong nylon webbing has anti-chewiability, designed to meet the bird’s physique, the material is extremely soft and silky satin texture, the front metal chain is more bite-proof and light!

Specifications: approx. Band width 0.8CM/0.31in, length 2M/78.74in
Weight: about 25g
Packing: opp bag
Color: random delivery
Style: budgerigar, lovebird, Cockatiel, Monk parakeets, mynah, grackle

1* bird leash

Item Specifics
 Random Color
 approx. Band width 0.8CM/0.31in, length 2M/78.74in
 about 25g

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