Pet Bird Leash Parrot Foot Chain Stainless Steel 304 Anklet Ring Model 15 14 5mm

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Product Details

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Stainless Steel
Colors: Silver
Package: Seal packed
Total Length: Model 4/5/6/7 length is around 60cm, model 8/9/10/12/15 length is around 42mm, including the two sides accessories’ length.

Ring Diameter:
NO.4, 4mm: Suitable for budger / budgerigar
NO.5, 4.5mm: Suitable for lovebird / forpus coelestis / bolborhynchus lineola/ Chinese hwamei
NO.6, 5.5mm, Suitable for cockatiel / pyrrhura molinae / crested myna/ indian myna / rosellas/ blossom-headed parakeet / figparrot
NO.7, 6.5mm, Suitable for hill myna/ black-collared starling/ sun parakeet/ monk parakeet
NO.8, 7.5mm, Suitable for pionites / magpie/ lory/ senegal parrot / yelow vented parrots/ peregrine/baby strigiformes/ red-shouldered macaw
NO.9, 8.5mm, Suitable for blue headed parrot / scaly headed parrot/ bronze winged parrot/ dusk parrot
NO.10, 9.5mm, Suitable for dove / alexandrine parakeet / mitred parkeet / white fronted amazon / ducorps’ cockatoo / yellow crested cockatoo
NO.12, 11.5mm, Suitable for eclectus parrot / african grey parrot / big red breasted parakeet / lesser sulphur crested cockatoo / amazon parrot/ great billed parrot / chestnut fronted macaw / yellow collared macaw / middle sulphur crested cockatoo
NO.15, 14.5mm, Suitable for big sulphur crested cockatoo / macaws / blue-eyed cockatoo / cockatoo / big owl

1 X Wear instructions
1 X Bird Foot Chain and Accessory

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