Pet Bird Harness And Leash Adjustable Flight Rope For Parrot African Greys Budgies Playing

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pet bird harness and leash, adjustable bird flight rope for small birds,ringneck/ parrot/ african greys budgies/ parakeet/ cockatiel/ cockatoo/ conure/ macaw/ finch/ lovebird traing and playing.

This parrot leash is a must for birds owners who enjoy taking their birds out. You only ought to need a bit of patience and a lot of delicacies, almost every bird can be trained to wear it! It will be available to associate the sight of it with the fun and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors with their owners.


– High quality of materials.

– Soft and comfortable leash will not damage their skin.

– Size can be adjustable.

– Cross band style can wear firmly.

– Do not worry about that birds will fly away with it.

– Easy to wear and remove.

– A hook is included to fix somewhere easily.

– 1 pc of parrot leash only,other accessories demo in the picture is not included!


– Material: Nylon;

– Weight: 22 g/ 0.77 oz;

– Size: 0.8 x 120 cm/ 0.31 x 47.24 inch;

Item Specifics

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