Parrot Bird Bathtub Bathing Cage Pet Bath Shower Standing

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This bird bathtub can provide your bird(s) with a great little bath with a semi-transparent cover to help keep a clean on your bird.;
The base of the bath can be detached easily from the top half, making cleaning the bath very simple.;
The covered bath will help to prevent splashes from making a mess.;
This bird bath suitable for small birds such as Budgies.;
Made of healthy and safe PVC material, it can also be used as a feeding bowl;
Bird bathing can effectively remove pests, protect feathers and help birds stay healthy
Type:Bird Bathtub
Material: PVC plastic
Color: Blue/Green/White/Yellow/Red
Size: 13.5*14*14cm
Suit: For peony parrot and other small birds Usage:Hanging the hood on the outside of the cage ,then add water or bath sand
Package includes:1 x Bird Bathtub
Package includes:1 x Bird Bathtub
Features:Durable, healthy and clean,can also be used as a feeding bowl
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Item Specifics
Bird Accessories Type:
 Bird Baths
Model Number:
feature 1:
 Bird Bathtub
feature 2:
 Plastic Bird Bathtub
feature 3:
 Pet Birds Cage Hanging Bathtub
feature 4:
 Bird Water Bath Tub
feature 5:
 Pet Bird Bathtub

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