Outdoor Aviary Aluminium Aluminum Frame & Mesh For Multi-birds Spacious And Bright 70 1 Inch X48 X76 4 Large Space

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Outdoor Aviary Aluminium 70.1″x48″x76.4″ Aluminum Frame + Aluminum Mesh For Multi-birds Spacious and Bright Large Space

This versatile aviary has multiple uses: play, train or simply keep your birds safe, making it a paradise for your feathered friends. This quality aviary provides birds with ample exercise space, while aluminum mesh around them helps prevent unexpected accidents and keep predators at bay. The construction of the aluminum grid gives you an excellent view of your birds while giving the birds a lot of fresh air. Thanks to the robust, maintenance-free aluminum construction, this aviary with its rugged hinged door is built to last. She is so strong that she can support even a person hanging on the roof.

Material: aluminum frame + aluminum mesh
Overall dimensions: 178 x 122 x 194 cm (W x W x H) (XXL)
Dimensions of the door: 61.5 x 160 cm (W x H)
Volume: 4.45 m⊃3;
Land area: 2,3 m⊃2;

Material: Aluminum frame + mesh in aluminum
Overall dimensions: 183 x 178 x 194 cm (L x W x H) (4XL)
Door size: 61.5 x 160 cm (W x H)
Ground area: 3.2 m⊃2;
Suitable for birds

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