Macaw Cockatoos Toy Bird Nut Bite Strange Fun Climbing Net Mini Activity Wall With Colorful Foraging Toys

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New Macaw Cockatoos Toy Bird Toy Nut Bite Toy Strange Fun Climbing Net



    • Bird Paw Grinding, Environmentally Friendly

    • Give your pet a treat and have hours of fun watching them play.

    • Colorful and beautiful, your bird will surely enjoy it.

    • An ideal place designed for your little friends to play and climb, easy install in the cage

    • For Pets: Small and Medium sized birds (parrots starling myna thrush and so on).

    • Great place designed for your pet to play and climb, easy install in the cage


    • Bird net Size S? 30CM * 30CM
    • Bird net Size M? 40CM *40CM
    • Bird net Size L? 60CM * 60CM
    • These links made of a strong durable plastic.

    • These C-links make great foot toys for your small parrots & parakeets.

    • You can hang them on the cage bars and they will love playing with them, Also you can add toy parts to them to make them more attractive for your birds / sugar gliders / Rats. They will keep your birds busy for hours.


Package Content:

  • 1 X Bird Toys



Item Specifics
Bird net Size S:
 30CM X 30CM
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