Large Breeding Cage For Myna Wren Luxury Parrot Cockatiel Bird Decoration Metal Villa Hanging Shells House

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Product Details

Bird cage size: 47.5x36x93cm
Material: International GB / 343 high strength iron wire
Product technology: environmental protection high temperature baking paint
Manufacturing standard: main line 2.68mm, auxiliary line 1.60mm, spacing 1cm

If you want the shelf for the bird cage, please click here

Set meal 5 and gift
Metal cage
4 splash proof food boxes
Three solid wood poles
*Love pack (water dispenser, swing, electrolyte, test bag, candy box, fruit fork)
*Pine large solid wood bird’s nest (30x15x15cm)
*Environmental protection color ladder
*Environmental protection color house swing
*Quartz sand tree fork grinding claw rod (random color)
* bath tub
*Advanced large capacity lower feeder
*Imported fruit box (random distribution of vegetables and fruits)

Item Specifics
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