Gingerain Original Hand-made Custom Prairie Black-tailed Dog Marmot Groundhog Clothes Hooded Sweater T01

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Dear friend

Please provide the size of the neck girth, chest circumference and abdomen circumference for making. Please note size information before purchase

We are an original animal clothing studio from China.

We offer hand-made kind Black-tailed Prairie Dog clothing products. The design of our clothes can be adapted to many kinds of Prairie Dog to wear.

We also develop original hand-made prairie dog clothes, rabbit clothes, lizard clothes, totoro clothes, and other special pet clothes, etc. Our products are unique, original, exquisite, made-to-order.

If you can provide more information such as the species, age, weight of your animal, neck circumference, abdominal circumference, that would be great. You know, not every same species of animal in the same size. Please be sure to clearly describe the shape features of your animal to avoid any unnecessary trouble. The more information you provide, the more appropriate the size will be.

If you are interested in our products, please leave me a message. We have super multi-products, and there a lot of new items every week.

If you have any suggestions and opinion, welcome to tell us. We have been trying to do anything better. Thank you for your support!

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