Garden Bird Feeding Feeder Station Feet Spikes Stand Wild Outdoor For Deco

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The wild bird feeding feeder station stabiliser makes multi-purpose feeding poles even more reliable, by ensuring they don’t sway or slip within the ground. Perfect for keeping your Dining Station secure in fine or uneven soil, this stabiliser features four prongs of strong steel, and can be easily affixed to the Dining Station pole during set-up.
? Provide extra stability to your Dining Station
? 4cm approx internal diameter
? Features 2 stabilising prongs designed to sit in the ground
? Elastic button, to adjust the pole to prevent any swaying
Material: Iron
Colour: Black
Inner Diameter: 4CM/1.6″
Size: 4X35CM/1.6″x14″

What’s included :
1 x Bird Feeder Station Stabilizer Feet Spikes Stand

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