Crop Feeding Kit – 6pc Curved Gavage Tubes & 1pc Syringe 20ml

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Product Details
Crop Feeding Kit
ideal for hand feeding chicks or sick birds and for administering emergency treatments
6-Pc Gavage Tubes set consists of
18 gauge (tubing length=53mm),curved, for waxbills and other small birds
16 gauge (tubing length=60mm),curved, for Finches / Canaries
14 gauge (tubing length=80mm),curved , for Cockatiels, Budgerigars and small parkeets, plus small raptors
12 gauge (tubing length=95mm),curved, for African Greys, Amazons and most Falcons
10 gauge (tubing length=115mm),curved, for Small Macaws and small cockatoos
8 gauge (tubing length=140mm),curved, for Harris Hawks, large Macaws and large Cockatoos
(pls note above length is tubing length, when you calculate the total length, you have to add the length of hub into, the length of hub is around “13mm”. For instance, when the tubing length is 53mm, the total length will be 53mm+13mm=66mm)
1Pc Syringe 20ml
this syringe is made of special plastic of TPX (polymethylpentene), TPX is a lightweight, high temperature polyolefin with exceptional acoustical and electrical properties, it features low moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance.
Before your application,the injector can be sterilized under boiling water. After use, the injector shall be washed clean for well storage.
Item Specifics
 Stainless Steel

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