Birds Outdoor Carrier Bag Transparent Breathable Parrots Handbag Travel Cage

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Birds Outdoor Carrier Bag Transparent Breathable Parrots Handbag Birds Travel Cage XH8Z


1. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The product is lightweight and can be easily hung on the shoulder or hand. The most stylish cage for bringing your birds to a vet or other place.
2. PANORAMIC DESIGN: The panoramic design provides a wider view and reduces the stress level of the pet birds, giving you a good perspective to check the health of your pet.
3. VENTILATION: Mesh design ensure adequate airflow, not sultry out.
4. ZIPPER DESIGN: Zipper closure. One minute assembly or disassembly, easy to clean or fold when not in use.
5. SUITABLE FOR: There sizes optional, suitable for most birds, such as conures, cockatiels, quakers, caciques, mini macaws, small cockatoos, lories, and other birds.

1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.
2. The color of bag is random for delivery.

Type: birds carrier bag
Material: plastic + metal + mesh, birds perch material is wild Chinese prickly ash wood
Bag size:
S length 32cm, width 27cm, height 18cm
M length 40cm, width 22cm, height 23cm
L length 45cm, width 23cm, height 26cm
Birds perch size: The small size is about 20cm, suitable for small carrier bags; the medium length is about 25cm, suitable for medium and large carrier bags.

1 x birds perch/1 x birds carrier bag
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