Bird Repellent Scare Tape Reflective Repeller Ribbon Pest Control Deterrent For Garden Tb

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Bird Repellent Scare Tape Reflective Repeller Ribbon Pest Control Deterrent for Garden TB Sale

1.Simple,effective and long-lasting,easy to install, installed anywhere, without blocking light.
2.The method of using the anti-bird belt is simple, it does not harm the birds, and it saves the manpower and has great pest control effect.
3.Birds hate the shiny reflective tape moving with the wind, and will avoid coming near these bird repellent strips, thus creating a bird free zone. Hang it on your deck, garden, lawn, farm, etc.
4.Made with quality thick and ultra-durable material, to ensure its durability and lifelong effectiveness. The tapes highly reflective properties will last for many years and wont corrode by being exposed to the elements.Get many years of excellent bird repelling results!
5.Suitabler for: Pigeons, woodpeckers,crows, ducks, and most other birds.
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1 Roll x Ribbon

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