Bird Protective Bead Parrot Collar Anti Feather Picking Ring Anti-plucking Anti-grab Collars Elizabethan For

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Bullet Points:

1?Durable: The parrot anti-bite collar is made of acrylic and is durable. Different sizes can be selected according to the size of the parrot.
2?Perfectly prevents self-harm caused by birds, scratches, bites and other lonely vents.
3?Easy to Disassemble: Separate the collar into two halves and fasten it on the parrot’s neck (you can slightly slap the parrot’s neck to make it fit better, pay attention to the hand strength).
4?Size: The small inner diameter of 33 mm, suitable for small sun; medium inner diameter of about 35 mm, suitable for large sun, Amazon, etc.; large inner diameter of 45 mm, suitable for large sunflower and diamond.
5?Notes: Some stations will not stand at first, but in order to control the continuous biting, sometimes they have to use physical control. You can let them take a few minutes and slowly increase the time the next day. Gradually getting used to it. Be sure to take your time and observe is very important. For at least 24 hours, be sure to drink water to eat.

Parameters (approx.):
Material: Acrylic material,
Small inside the 33mm/1.3in, suitable for small sun
Medium diameter is about 35mm/1.38in, suitable for big sun, Amazon, etc.
Large inner diameter of 45mm/1.77in, suitable for large sunflowers and diamonds.
The thickness is 1mm/0.02in.
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User Guidance:
1. Remove the screw
2. Separate the collar into two halves and fasten it on the neck of the parrot (you can slightly extend the neck of the parrot to extend it so that it fits better and pay attention to the strength of the hand)
3. Grab the large extension, taking care not to clip the feather in the middle of the collar.
4. Place the little finger between the collar and the parrot’s neck. If the little finger feels comfortable, then this size is appropriate for the parrot. Adjust it to see if the collar is too loose or too tight.
5. Snap the two screws into the collar (each product is equipped with extra screws)
6. Rotate the collar 360 degrees to make sure that no feathers are stuck in the two parts, and the feathers are smooth on the neck.

1. Put the bird in a cage without obstacles
2. Most birds will move their clumsy heads, most of them will shake their heads and flip their heads in an attempt to get rid of the collar. Most birds will gradually adapt after wearing for a few hours. However, some birds may stiffen their heads and continue to lower their heads for 12 to 24 hours.

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Item Specifics
Bird Accessories Type:
 Bird Foot Rings
Model Number:
 Acrylic material,

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