Bird Food Imported Seeds Canary White Tip Millet Yau Tsim Caolu 500g

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Content: 500 gsm
Excellent palatability , almost all small and medium sized parrot liked to eat, Canary Toshiko rich in oleic acid , oleic acid and linolenic fatty acids , on the development of birds , moult , estrus , breeding, brood , etc. stage has a very good secondary effect , but also with a certain efficacy of birds constipation , asthma, childbirth and other symptoms have a certain role of adjuvant therapy

Feeding Toshiko Canary seeds and Niger seeds about 3 times after baby bird hateched ,it can increase healthy

Applicable Birds : Golden Green Mountain Ma Fleur Braun 288, deer bird , Cut-throat finch , budgies , mushroom head , Hyeonpung , peony , Akigusa Pacific Barred Canary Munia any grain-eating birds such as vegetarian Birds also suitable for all feed grains and other pet hamster squirrel …..
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