Automatic Bird Drinker Plastic Waterer Feeder Drinking Device For Parrots Aviary Budgie Cockatiel Pet Accessories

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1?Needle Effluent Mode: The special design only allows pets to use water when drinking water. Usually does not leak water, so you don’t have to worry about the pet’s nest being wet, which satisfies the bird’s drinking needs and brings fun to the birds.
2?High-quality Materials: Made of high-quality durable plastic and stainless steel with no bad smell. Size(about): Small: 23*3CM/9.06*1.18in; Medium: 25*3.3CM/9.84*1.30in; Large: 29*5CM/11.42*1.97in. You can choose the corresponding drinking fountain model according to the size or variety of the parrot. (Tiger skin, peony is less powerful and cannot be used).
3?Convenient Installation: Equipped with clip fastening buckle, suitable for carrying out, quick installation, suitable for all bird cages.
4?Quickly Add Water: The top can be filled directly with water, which can be easily removed and refilled to provide clean food or water.
5?Suitable Birds: Suitable for small and medium-sized birds, such as Xuan Feng, Jia Ding, Grey Parrot, Alexander, Sunflower, King Kong and so on.

Packing List:1 * Parrot Drinking Fountain


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