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Product Details


1?The high quality heavy acrylic board is integral without installation for you, because it is ready-made.

Please measure your feeding door to ensure that the feeder is suitable for the use outside the birdcage.

2?The feeder is made of 3mm thickness acrylic, with superior quality and longer service life.
3?Three antiskid standing sticks make birds stand without skidding and feeding more convenient.
4?Push and pull drawer design makes food drop reused and prevents the splashing of seeds.

5?The small mouth is designed to prevent birds from eating and throwing, thus saving birds’ food

and facilitate cleaning at the same time.

Product name: Automatic bird feeder
Material: acrylic
Size: about 7×7.5x21cm/2.95*2.95*8.27in
Capacity: about 400g
Applicable birds: budgerigar, colourful parrots, finches, throstles and so on

Package Includes:
1x Bird Auto Seed Feeder (no need to install, it is ready-made)

1. Suitable for all parrots, it can be put in the square parrots cage or sorting box.
2. Added food must be small particles to prevent blockage.

Item Specifics

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