5pcs Per Lot Cuttlefish Bone Turtle Parrots Calcium Food Health Care Products

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Product Details

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A variety of birds, reptiles, hamsters, chinchillas, squirrels, cats
Dogs ….. even humans (medicinal, whiten teeth, get rid of stubborn stains and other use)
Pets calcium private, daily teeth, calcium supplements and trace elements, can be
Pulverized mix added to the feed in the food, much better than the chicken egg shell effect
More Oh, chicken eggshell birds pecked eggs are easy to develop bad habits. In birds
Raw eggs when a lot of calcium supplements can prevent soft-shelled eggs, in Fushun
Fertility of more calcium to prevent birds due to calcium deficiency rickets get on, do not grow up station
The consequences of it, so the bird breeding birds more calcium supplement point is very
In addition, like hamsters, turtles and so it requires a lot of calcium supplement ink
Fishbone also their necessary product.


Item Specifics
Brand Name:
 cuttlefish bone
Model Number:
 cuttlefish bone
 Toys cuttlefish bone
 about 5 * 10cm

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