50pcs 7mm Customized Personalized Aluminum Rings Metal Pigeon Bands

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Product Details
Item Specifics
Product Details
  • Inner Dimension: 7mm inner with 6mm in height
  • Meterial: Aluminum
  • Fit for: Roller pigeon, Tippler pigeon, Tumbler pigeon, Helmets, Birmingham Rollers, Mausers, Farmers, Old Dutch Capuchins, Clear-legged Short-Faced Continental Tumblers, Chinese Owls, Danzig High-Flyers.
  • Please send us message to tell me the information you need, such as name, phone number, year and series number and so on.
  • The picture displaying is just the sample product and our designer will arrange the content reasonable.
Item Specifics
Bird Accessories Type:
 Bird Foot Rings

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