425ml 850ml Capacity Acrylic Parrot Integrated Automatic Bird Feeder Pet Birds Feeding Box Cage Accessories

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Product Details

Automatic Bird Feeders For Parrots, Bird Feeders, Pet Feeders, Bird Feeders

1. Adjustable feeding, partition design, convenient and simple to add food, large capacity
2. The new double grid design can feed two different foods at one time.
3. A variety of specifications can be selected to meet your different needs.
4. Transparent and visible, control how much food is left in the feeder at any time.

Product Specifications:
Style: Double grid
color: White
material: plastic
Capacity: 425g, 850g
Specifications: Screw low drawer, screw high drawer, hook low drawer, hook high drawer, double drawer

850g low drawer: 13 * 21.5 * 7.9cm
850g high drawer: 13 * 24 * 7.9cm
850g double drawer: 13 * 21.5 * 7.9cm
425g hook low drawer: 16 * 10.6 * 7.8cm
425g hook high drawer: 19 * 10.6 * 7.8cm
425g low screw drawer: 16 * 10.6 * 7.8cm
425g screw high drawer: 19 * 10.6 * 7.8cm

Applicable object: Myna parrot and other birds

Package : 1X Bird Feeder

Item Specifics
 425ml, 850ml

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