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Blow Whistle to Hear Calls of Favorite Birds and kids alike will be astounded by the authenticity of the bird calls this tiny whistle produces. They will also be astounded by the volume, children happily so, parents perhaps not as much.

Simply fill the whistle with water, then take a deep breath and blow as hard as you can. You don`t expect much. But … Chiiiiiirp! Whoa! There`s a moment or two of stunned silence. Then … “What was that? Let me see that. Do it again!” It`s hours of fun for everyone!

Note: This works particularly well outside with a garden hose on a warm spring afternoon, where the whistle keeps kids entertained without driving Mom absolutely crazy! It`s the perfect surprise at the bottom of a stocking, party bag, or new present – such as a bird feeder.


Start by filling the bird with water and gently blow into in.

Empty small amounts of water until blowing produces the sweet and realistic sound of a bird warbling

Alter the sound by tilting the bird forward and back to create a range of warbling and chirping sounds.

This range of sounds is created when air is blown into the stem, agitating the water to produce a gurgling sound which in turn, combines with the whistle to imitate the chirping of a bird.

Bird Whistle
– Ceramic & Porcelain
– Use as is or put into a shallow pan of water for a more warbling tone
– about 7.3*3.5*5.5cm
– Smooth glazed

Bird song water whistles are made of ceramic. Please use caution when handling or around small children. With proper care this whistle can last for generations.

All Flutes are tested and cleaned for optimal condition.

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