2 Pcs Set Parrot Leg Ring Alloy Outdoor Flying Training Pet Birds Pigeon Foot Rings Nin668

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2 Pcs/Set Parrot Leg Ring Alloy Outdoor Flying Training Pet Birds Pigeon Foot Rings NIN668


Type:Parrot Leg Ring
Quantity:2 Pcs

Suitable for birds:
1. Inner diameter: 4 mm
For birds: small tiger parrot, Australia Neophema, finch (ex: grassland parrot Campanulaceae, brilliant, burkholderia…… )
2. Inner diameter: 6mm
For birds: cockatiel, sun, starlings, figs, flower, Rosella Australia Psephotus Rosella (ex: bel…… )
3. Inner diameter: 7 mm
For the birds: Phillips chest, little Damour, seven grass, ordinary Qinghai, golden sun, monk, grey parrot,
4. Inner diameter: 8mm
For birds: MINI-CONS (Hong Jian), jenday sun, princess, Australia, magpie, rainbow lorikeet, red, red sun, blue crown orangutan, south sun, sun, sun, red eyes, red mask, sun, Han’s diamond, the Keck, Meyers, African bellied parrot, Sene Gail
5. Inner diameter: 9mm
For birds: blue, scaly head, bronze wings, Dashiqi… All Pionus genera
6. Inner diameter: 10mm
For a small bird: dove, sunflower, derbiana, Damour, Ding, Miter, the parrot with the sun, the sun, the white fronted burrowing…
7. Inner diameter: 12mm
For birds: sunflower, parrots, parrots, eclectic larger breasted, smaller Bataan (white, minibus, tangerine Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan nake eye powder), most of the Amazon, schwarzi (kylin), King Kong, parrots, chestnut yellow collared diamond
8. Inner diameter: 15 mm
For birds: sunflower, large white, bus, green winged King Kong, King Kong, glazed blue and gold, red and green, blue and purple diamond diamond, diamond, black diamond, Hucai sunflower red diamond, blue eyed cockatoo, Bataan umbrella

Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.
Please allow 0.2-0.3mm differs due to manual measurement .

2 x Parrot Leg Ring


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