Natural Wood Large Parrot Toy Bird Toys Best For African Grey Macaws Cockatoos Eclectus Amazon Birds And More

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New Natural Wood Large Parrot Toy, Best for African Grey Macaws Cockatoos Eclectus Amazon Parrot Birds and More
Product Description:
1.Durable: the large blocks are made from durable food grade materials and pigments, which is resistant to biting and pets.
2.Comfortable Perch: all types of pet birds like to peck and chew; this gives them a convenient, harmless place to play.
3.Training Tool: it can effectively train your pet’s beak and feet to enhance your pet’s intelligence.
4.New Decoration: it can be a beautiful and interesting decoration for the bird cage to make the life of your bird colorful. 5. Good Partner: playing toys can help birds ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure.

Item Feature :
Item Name?Natural Wood Large Parrot Toy
Material?Natual pepper wood
Color?As picture

Package include: 1 x Large Parrot Toy

Item Specifics
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Item Name:
 Natural Wood Large Parrot Toy
 As picture

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