Hot Bird Bath Cage Large Multi-use Cleaning Box With Clear View For Conures Cockatiels Parakeet

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Bird Bath Cage Large Multi-use Bird Cleaning Box with Clear View for Amazons Conures Cockatiels Parakeet

Bullet Points:

1?Oversize Cage: The cage’s size is about 23.5 * 29 * 28CM, which is applicable to medium and large sized pet, such as: Monk Parakeet, sun conure and myna. (African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Eclectus, Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Caciques, Parakeets, Canary and Finch).
2?High-quality Plastic: Made of sturdy PC plastic with light weight and good transparent vision, the bird cage is convenient to observe the behavior of eating or bathing.
3?Clear Vision: The bird cage clearly observes the bird bathing process, and provides you with a good way to check your pets and reduce bird stress.
4?Multiple Uses: One box for two uses, which can be used as a bath box or a feeding box. With a splash-proof partition and a non-slip transparent stand bar, the bird cage can prevent debris from spilling and facilitate pets to enter and exit
5?Easy to Install: Separately assembled from top to bottom for easy cleaning. The bird bathing cage is connected to the inside and outside of most large cages.


Material: plastic

Applicable size: L-large

Size: about 23.5 * 29 * 28CM/9.25*11.42*11.02in

Packing size: about 29 * 24.5 * 21.5cm/11.42*9.65*8.46in

Weight: about 700 grams

Applicable to objects: Monk Parakeet, sun conure and myna

Packing List:1* Bird Bath Cage

Item Specifics
Bird Accessories Type:
 Birdcage Stands
Model Number:
 Bird Bath Cage
 Oversize Cage
 Multi-use Bird Cleaning Box

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