Coconut Fiber Bedding For Bird Playing Chewing Sterilized Coco 100% Natural Small Pet’s Nest Anti-bacteria 30g

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Make your bird’s nest Cozy and Comfortable for them !
Leave bales of this coconut fiber in your bird’s’ cage and watch as they use it to create their own little nest. The coconut fiber is a wonderful alternative to synthetic fibers as it is raw. Blue tits, finches and budgies will find this material perfect for nest building.

These coconut fibers are also perfect for adding to your small furry friend’s hutches. Rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs will find it cozy and comfortable for burying their little paws into and settling down for a nice sleep. It also provides great insulation for rabbit hutches and other cages.

Your pets will also enjoy using this to dig and hideout in. Hiding treats inside the bales of coconut fiber is a great way to interact with your pets; watch as they scurry through the fibers in search of their treats.

The coconut fiber is very beneficial for your pets. Regular sawdust and woodchips which are widely used in pet cages can actually cause potential malady and affect the rabbit’s respiratory system. The coconut fibers are much safer and healthier for your pet. The fibers are also absorbent and your pet won’t soak it though like other products. So now you can easily clean your pet’s cage; as you will have no more soggy newspaper and stinky hay to get rid of. This package includes 30g of coconut fiber.

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