Bird Acrylic Tube Collar For Severe Parrot Feather Neckband Restricts Neck Movement Macaw Cockatoo African Grey

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Restraint Collar for Parrot CareBird Acrylic Tube Collar for Severe Parrot Feather Plucking Neckband Restricts Neck Movement for Macaw Cockatoo African Grey

Product details:
Name:Parrot anti-bite neck ring
Material: acrylic ,strong and durable.
Size: Different sizes can be selected according to the size of the parrot.

L : The outer diameter is 9.5cm.,Inner diameter 4.5 cm,,Neck length 5.5cm
M: The outer diameter is 7.2cm.The inner diameter is 3.5 cm,Neck length4.3cm
S: The outer diameter is 4.8 cm,,The inner diameter is 3.3cm, Neck length 3,5cm

The thickness is 1 mm.

Guideline for use:
1. Remove the screw
2. Split the neck ring /collar in half and buckle it to the parrot’s neck (you can gently drag the parrot’s neck to extend it so that it fits more closely and pay attention to the strength of the hand).
3. Flush down the large extension and be careful not to clip feathers in the middle of the collar.
4. Place the little finger between the collar and the parrot’s neck. If the little finger feels comfortable, then this size is suitable for the parrot. Adjust to see if the collar is too loose or too tight.
5. Card the input ring with two screws respectively Rotate the collar 360 degrees to make sure that no feathers are caught in the two parts and that the feathers are smooth on the neck.
Special note :
At first, it is definitely not comfortable for the parrot to wear the neck ring. However, in order to control continuous feather biting, physical control methods have to be adopted. You can help the parrot to wear the neck ring for a few minutes first, and then gradually increase the time the next day to let them get used to it . Be sure to do it step by step. Observation is very important at the beginning . You have to observe it at the first 24 hours to ensure the parrot can drink water and eat.

Item Specifics
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 Bedding & Litter

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