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Product Details

Easy and safe to use, very convenient.
The best way designed to water chickens.Suitable for the pipe diameter is 9.5 mm
You can manually adjust the amount of water
For home and commerce chicken poultry farms use.
They drink from the cup, which allows the right amount of water to come into the cup
Automatic water dispenser made of red plastic, self-willed, resistant to extrusion.
Automatic performance, can automatically fill the water, a fixed screw buckle, to facilitate the scale of farming.
Uses: drinking water equipment
Temperature range: 30
Type: Drinker
Material: plastic
Color: red
Bowl diameter: 6cm
High: 4.3cm
Scope of application: birds pigeons pigeon pigeon breeding industry

Easy and safe to use
Can manually adjust the amount of water
Allows the right amount of water
Automatic water dispenser
Automatically fill the water
Facilitate the scale of farming

Package Included: 1*Drinking bowl

Item Specifics
Bowl diameter:
 6 cm
 4.3 cm

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